Renting means you can move with impunity every time your lease ends. However, this also means that you will have to move out within a given period of time if the landlord decides to sell the property or convert your apartment complex into a condominium.

The biggest myth of renting is that we “throw money out the window” every month.

This is not true.

We need a place to live and it always costs money one way or another. When you rent, you know exactly how much you will spend on housing, overhead and common costs per month. If your apartment is your own, you may not pay more than your mortgage and regular bills for a month. Monthly housing costs are usually more predictable and significantly cheaper. What is also in favor of renting is that if you move into a rental apartment, the investor will take care of all the repairs and maintenance. The importance of the enclosed gardens of the buildings is also increasing, which provides the opportunity to take a short walk without stepping into the street, so apartment houses are a serious advantage, either over the old brick houses or the stand-alone buildings.