If you have found the perfect rental apartment for you, please read the process of renting our apartments carefully.

If you find the perfect apartment that you want to rent, you will need to fill out a rental statement sent to us by email and return it to us, signed and authenticated with 2 witnesses. The statement includes a bank account number, to which a down payment of 50.000 HUF must be transferred at the same time, which will be deducted from the first monthly rent.

You can rent the property both as a company and as an individual.

As soon as the signed statement and the 50,000 HUF advance payment have been received, our lawyer will prepare the lease agreement, which must be signed in person, at a pre-arranged time.

The conditions of moving in also include that the tenant transfers the 2-month deposit (the deposit is 2.5 months in the case of a pet) and the 1-month rent to the bank account number stated in the declaration. In case of renting a parking space, the rent of the parking lot is also included.

After this, the tenant must go to a notary and have a certified moving out statement. This is a cost the tenant needs to pay. Once you have the moving out statement, you will hand us an original copy of it and we can hand over the keys that day.

It is important that the properties can only be rented in this form, there is no other way!