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Equipment rental: from 30,000 HUF according to individual needs
Washing/ironing: individual prices
Parking from 30,000 HUF
Individual placement of corporate clients
Storage rental



First, choose the type of apartment you are interested in. How many rooms should the apartment have, which floor do you want to move to, and do you need a balcony or terrace?


Looking for the perfect apartment? You will definitely find it in our listing!
Furnished, with full mechanization:
kitchen furniture, oven, dehumidifier, extractor hood, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning, double bed, living room furniture, hall furniture, large closet
without furniture, partly mechanized:
kitchen furniture, oven, hob, dehumidifier, dishwasher, air conditioning.
As convenient.


Our apartments are pet friendly, so we also welcome applications from tenants who want to move into one of our rental apartments with their pet.


What is rare both in Budapest and in the country is that the property can be rented for a short time, up to a month. Of course, long-term, fixed-term 1-year contract packages are also available for those interested.


Don’t know where to park? Let us help! Parking rental from 30,000 HUF / month.
In a closed garage, with security service, camera system.


Don’t want to spend your free time cleaning or washing? Our extra services allow us to satisfy our tenants to the maximum any day of the week.


Choose an apartment for which you want to receive an offer, then fill out the contact form.

Building Floor Ap. number Floorspace Balcony # of rooms Furnished Price Rental period Layout

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Renting means you can move with impunity every time your lease ends. However, this also means that you will have to move out within a given period of time if the landlord decides to sell the property or convert your apartment complex into a condominium.

The biggest myth of renting is that we “throw money out the window” every month.

This is not true.

We need a place to live and it always costs money one way or another. When you rent, you know exactly how much you will spend on housing, overhead and common costs per month. If your apartment is your own, you may not pay more than your mortgage and regular bills for a month. Monthly housing costs are usually more predictable and significantly cheaper. What is also in favor of renting is that if you move into a rental apartment, the investor will take care of all the repairs and maintenance. The importance of the enclosed gardens of the buildings is also increasing, which provides the opportunity to take a short walk without stepping into the street, so apartment houses are a serious advantage, either over the old brick houses or the stand-alone buildings.

Key for takeaway

Rental apartments also allow the tenant flexibility, predictable monthly expenses, and repairs.

Rental housing has intangible benefits. These include a sense of stability, belonging to the community, and ownership pride, as well as tangible values of tax deductions and equity.

Contrary to popular belief, renting doesn’t mean “throwing out money” every month, and owning doesn’t always build wealth “in the long run”.

Renting vs. Buying

Choosing between renting or buying a home is a big decision that affects not only our lifestyle but also our finances and health.

Rental housing also has its advantages, including the fact that one does not have to take responsibility and it operates flexibly. However, people often believe that buying a home is a well-founded decision, and renting a home is a financial refuge.

The seemingly favorable home purchase option can be misleading at first glance. As long as it is enough to put a deposit of one or two months for the rent, a significant deductible or additional collateral is required for the purchase of a home encumbered with a loan. The term of the loan is 20-30 years, with a slight exaggeration to last a lifetime, while the vast majority of those looking for a lease only plan for a few months, possibly a year or two.

Rental procedure

If you have found the perfect rental apartment for you, please read the process of renting our apartments carefully.

If you find the perfect apartment that you want to rent, you will need to fill out a rental statement sent to us by email and return it to us, signed and authenticated with 2 witnesses. The statement includes a bank account number, to which a down payment of 50.000 HUF must be transferred at the same time, which will be deducted from the first monthly rent.

You can rent the property both as a company and as an individual.

As soon as the signed statement and the 50,000 HUF advance payment have been received, our lawyer will prepare the lease agreement, which must be signed in person, at a pre-arranged time.

The conditions of moving in also include that the tenant transfers the 2-month deposit (the deposit is 2.5 months in the case of a pet) and the 1-month rent to the bank account number stated in the declaration. In case of renting a parking space, the rent of the parking lot is also included.

After this, the tenant must go to a notary and have a certified moving out statement. This is a cost the tenant needs to pay. Once you have the moving out statement, you will hand us an original copy of it and we can hand over the keys that day.

It is important that the properties can only be rented in this form, there is no other way!

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